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If you've ever winced at the thought of using a shared or public toilet, suffer from poo anxiety or just want some tips on how to be more considerate to others when using the toilet and don't mind an amusing read, then you should check out my book below!

It's choc full (no pun intended) of useful hints and tips to ease stress, be fast and clean, prepare a routine and become a Master of the Throne!

You should read this book if:

You work in an office

You have roommates

You've ever been to a party

You've been left without toilet paper

You've been called or relate to "Shitbreak"

You enjoy a good laugh about a literally dirty subject

Plus the eBook costs less than a pound! You've got a lot to learn and laugh about for next to nothing!

Already read it? You rock! Please can you review it?

Already read it? You rock! Please can you review it?

The Not So Big Bag of Poo Aides: "Throne & Jewels" Bundle

Defecation shouldn't be taboo, but nobody wants a dirty downstairs. Get your "throne" (toilet) and "jewels" (privates) squeaky clean with our bundle. Never get public pooping anxiety again!

A zip bag with suction cups and hook (for ease of hanging up)

Emergency 'TP' for when the time comes

40ml Disinfectant spray

40ml 2-in-1 Toilet & Air spray

40ml Antibacterial gel

40ml foaming Soap

12 flushable Wet Wipes



*Actual product may differ from image illustrated



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